Change Request Information

You have completed your selections and want to make a change...

DoubleRock offers this convenient email template to streamline the process and eliminate any confusion.  Simply fill in the template, submit your request, and we’ll do the rest.

Because we have now begun planning the construction of your home, and with that ordering various supplies and communicating with sub-contractors regarding your actual plan specifications, there are some impacts from your request, and we want to make sure you are aware of them before we proceed.

There are three things you need to know: 

1. In order to estimate the impact of your change, we reserve the right to impose a $500.00 estimation fee. In all instances we simply do not know the true impact of a request until we analyze it. In many instances we have to work with our suppliers and/or sub-contractors to be able to create an accurate estimate. In these instances we will charge the fee regardless of whether or not you choose to proceed with the request. 

2. If you choose to proceed with the change, you will incur the fee plus the actual cost to make that change. Again, before we analyze the change we simply can’t provide a realistic estimate.

3.  Finally, sometimes changes may result in further delays from re-ordering/returning and rescheduling work. At this point in the estimation process we simply don’t know what the timeline impact may be, but you should be aware that one may exist and it may affect your closing date.


If you’d like to proceed, please complete the template. Within 48 hours we’ll provide you with the estimated cost and timeline impact. At that time you can make payment for the change with a check payable to DoubleRock Homes, LLC. Upon receipt of your payment we'll process your request.


Change Request TEMPLATE